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The Villa


From the point of view of most of the people, locals and foreigners, Kemps Creek is the best spot on Eleuthera.


Kemps Creek House is located on the West coast of Eleuthera in The Bahamas Islands, nearby Savannah Sound. It is surrounded by nature like in the Palaeozoic age. It's a natural reserve, great for bird watching and sound listening. Under water or on land, everything remains untouched. Looking over a nice inlet where a mangrove communicates with the Caribbean sea, as the tide comes and goes. The adjacent Crown's Land increases the land's beauty, allowing the possibility of direct access to another bay and coral heights overhanging water. These surroundings are an ideal world from a botanical point of view. The creek makes a perfect boat shelter where a private sand beach can be created. To face the amazing sunsets of the Caribbean is a must.





Here we are building a house which offers a 360° view on a property of 3 acres, built on top of a plateau 40 feet above sea level. It is a cyclone-resisting building, engineered with extreme strength, cooled by the natural breeze effect, increased by the volume of the construction and it’s position on the hill top. The house is self-sufficient, off the grid. Electricity is produced by windmill and solar panels, rain water is collected from the roof and kept in an underground cistern of 33,000 gallons. 3 G Internet accessible. Used waters are collected in a septic tank, treated and recycled into the garden.

The ground structure is made of impoverished reinforced concrete, strongly fixed onto the coral rock; the living floor is made of a structure mixing steel and wood, fixed on top of two 150 ft main beams. Above the roof, the observation room is made of wood just like all the trusses.

The Northern face offers large glazing to enjoy the view and the reverberated sun light; on the Southern face small windows protect from the strong sun. The cantilevered roof top also protects the facades from the sun and subtropical rains.


The house is composed of two blocks on the ground level, a garage, built above the cistern and the entrance hall, including a bathroom, storage space and stairs to get to the living floor. An infinity pool looking to the creek crosses the building between the two ground blocks. On the living floor there is a living room, a dining, room, a kitchen and 3 bedrooms with shower and toilets. On the top floor an observation room gives a 360° view and access to the roof terrace.

The home, a special design, under construction with option to purchase now and complete at  your own preference.

Appearing as being suspended in the air, created to enjoy nature, the sun and the gorgeous sights and to be in touch with the pristine surroundings.


Ready for completion.



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The house spirit is made of minimalism,

line's purity and noble materials

to design a zen atmosphere...




phone: +33 612821775

Listed Price : US.$ 725,000

+ Stamp Duty 10% of sales price

+ Buyer's legal fees 2,5% of sales price

+ VAT at 7.5% is payable in respect of the legal fees for the transaction.

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